HALIS provides support for the transportation sector from initial planning phases to the final design phases. Utilizing the simultaneous acquisition capabilities of our system, LiDAR and imagery is collected for corridors such as roadways or railroads in a single flight.

Our support of planning phases such as route selection includes the mapping of terrain at 1' or 2' contour interval, imagery with either a 3" or 6" pixel size, and feature collection of planimetric features such as existing pavement edges, structures, and vegetation.

For the final design phase, we provide a high accuracy dataset that complements traditional "boots on the ground" and significantly reduces the time required for in-the-field acquisition. Given a high accuracy control dataset, we routinely provide final terrain accuracies in the range of 0.05' to 0.1' on paved surfaces. The feature list is significantly more robust than a planning phase project, and includes the mapping of such features as manholes, fire hydrants, and catch basins.  Our typical deliverables for transportation projects include CADD files in either AutoCad or MicroStation formatted to either client or state Department of Transportation CADD standards, as well as InRoads or GeoPak dtm deliverables.

We have successfully completed projects for private engineering firms and a number of DOTs, including Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and more. Our projects have included rail corridors, ports, interstates, and state and county routes.

  • Elevation Data (up 0.1' vertical accuracy)
  • Planimetrics (Roads, Structures, etc)
  • CADD Deliverables
  • InRoads/GeoPak Deliverables
  • Imagery
  • Top-of-Rail sections

115 Westridge Industrial Blvd. Suite 150
McDonough, GA, 30253

President: Geoffrey Sease

Vice President: Jeremy Mullins CP, PLS, GISP